The Lieutenant of Inishmore by Martin McDonagh (2001)

Written in mid 90’s.  Set in 1993.  Nine scenes.  Eight characters.

Scene One: Inishmore – Cottage

  • The cat (Wee Thomas) is dead
  • Who killed him?
  • Did Davey kill him?
  • The cat does not belong to Donny
  • Mairead has a cat
  • Wee Thomas belongs to Padraic
  • Davey gives false confession
  • The plan: Donny will call Padraic, tell him to come home

Scene Two: Belfast – Warehouse

  • James sells pot
  • Donny calls Padraic with the news
  • Padraic is in a splinter group
  • James lies that he has a cat

Scene Three: Inishmore – Road

  • Mairead thinks Davey killed the cat
  • Mairead has an air rifle, shoots the eyes out of cows
  • Davey is looking for another black cat to impersonate Wee Thomas
  • Mairead’s cat is named Sir Roger
  • Christy has an eye patch
  • Christy says he saw Davey hit the cat
  • Davey says Padraic coming home tomorrow
  • Christy asks what time

Scene Four: Inishmore – Cottage

  • Donny and Davey are drunk and putting black shoe polish on an orange cat
  • Mam trampling
  • The cat is Sir Roger
  • They take off his name tag

Scene Five: Inishmore – Road

  • The three INLA hard men from Belfast
  • They killed Wee Thomas
  • Cat battering
  • Christy and Brendan killed the cat
  • Padraic killed Skank Toby, another drug dealer
  • INLA was getting money from drug sales
  • Mexican standoff
  • The plan: arrive at ten past twelve and kill Padraic
  • Mairead has overheard the exchange

Scene Six: Inishmore – Road

  • Mairead singing the Patriot Game
  • Padraic’s not real interested in girls
  • Mairead has a message for Padraic
  • Mexican standoff
  • Mairead wants to join the INLA
  • Padraic says no
  • Mairead does not tell Padraic the three boys are looking for him

Scene Seven: Inishmore – Cottage

  • Donny and Davey still up at dawn
  • The plan: go to sleep and wake up to finish painting the cat
  • Davey is supposed to wake them up

Scene Eight – Inishmore – Cottage

  • Noon.  Donny and Davey asleep
  • Padraic enters and kills Sir Roger
  • Padraic cuts off Davey’s hair
  • Donny feeds Wee Thomas Frosties
  • Padraic prepares to kill them
  • Knock on the door
  • The three hard men enter
  • They have come for Padraic because he killed Skank Toby, a big wig drug dealer
  • Padraic shot out Christy’s eye with a crossbow
  • Padraic suggests they take him outside to kill him
  • Wee Thomas is known for disappearing for days at a time and coming back through hole in wall
  • The sound of Mairead’s air rifle
  • The three hard men are blind
  • Brendan and Joey are brothers
  • Padraic kills the three
  • Christy’s not dead
  • Christy confesses
  • Padraic and Mairead prepare to torture him

Scene Nine – Inishmore – Cottage

  • Mairead is joining up and preparing to head North with Padraic
  • Padraic tells Mairead he brained a cat this morning
  • Mairead looked for Sir Roger but did not see him
  • Sir Roger’s name tag
  • Davey throws it out the window
  • Mairead goes in bathroom, where Sir Roger is
  • She finds Sir Roger
  • Mairead kills Padraic
  • She leaves, decides to stay on Inishmore
  • Wee Thomas returns
  • Donny and Davey try to kill the cat but they can’t do it
  • Donny gives cat Frosties