That Face by Polly Stenham (2007)

Good dramatic opposition.  Maybe some melodrama.  But a great night of theatre.

Scene One – 6 pp.  Boarding school.  Izzy and Mia torture Alice.
Scene Two – 14 pp.  Martha’s flat.  Martha, Henry, Mia.  Mia comes home from school.
Scene Three – 5 pp.  Hospital.  Izzy, Mia, Henry go to see Alice.
Scene Four – 6pp.  Martha’s flat.  Martha, Henry.  Martha tears up Henry’s clothes.
Scene Five – 6pp.  Hugh’s flat.  Henry, Issy, Mia.  After the party.
Scene Six – 7 pp.  Martha’s flat.  Martha and Henry.
Scene Seven – 6pp.  A restaurant.  Hugh and Mia.
Scene Eight – 16 pp.  Martha’s flat. Martha, Henry, Mia, Hugh.

The Boys in the Band by Mart Crowley (1968)

9 M

Michael – 30, central character, his apartment, east 50’s
Donald – Michael’s boyfriend
Alan – 30, straight man
Emory – Short and ugly, queen
Larry – had a thing with Donald
Hank – Married, with Larry
Bernard – 28, black
Cowboy – Hired stripper
Harold – The instigator, arrives late, another boyfriend of Michael’s

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