One Man, Two Guvnors by Richard Bean (2011)

Based on Carlo Goldoni’s A Servant of Two Masters (1746).

Charlie Clench (Pantalone)
Pauline Clench (Clarise)
Harry Dangle (Lombardi)
Alan (Silvio) – Harry’s son
Dolly (Smeraldina) – Pauline’s servant
Lloyd Boateng (Brighella)
Francis (Truffaldino)
Rachel Crabbe (Rachel Rasponi) – Brother of Roscoe Crabbe
Stanley Stubbers (Florindo)


  • Scene One – Charlie’s House
  • Pauline and Alan just about to get married
  • Alan is the one Pauline wants
  • Charlie hilarious going on about “muvver”
  • As soon as set up done, the doorbell rings
  • Lloyd bears the news that Pauline was going to marry Roscoe
  • And then Roscoe appears, i.e., Rachel
  • Pauline wants Alan – not Roscoe
  • But Charlie wants her to marry Roscoe
  • Lloyd recognizes Rachel in disguise as Roscoe
  • Scene Two – The Cricketers Arms
  • Some backstory as an aside from Francis
  • Stanley meets Francis and hires him
  • Both Stanley and Rachel send Francis to the post office
  • Alan wants to see Francis’s Guv
  • Stanley and Alan talk
  • Alan says he saw Roscoe; Stanley thought he killed Roscoe
  • Alan gives Francis a threat for Roscoe
  • Francis puts letters in his pockets
  • Francis eats a letter
  • Stanley sees letter to Rachel, which he reads
  • Rachel see her letter has been opened
  • Charlie gives cash to Francis for Roscoe; Stanley grabs it
  • Scene Three – Charlie’s House
  • Pauline does not want to marry “Roscoe”
  • Rachel tells Pauline what’s going on
  • When they hug, Charlie sees it – thinks they’ve reconciled
  • Scene Four – Private rooms above Cricketers Arms
  • Stanley gives Francis a bunch of the cash to hang on to
  • The waiters
  • Francis gives cash to Rachel (Roscoe)
  • Alfie getting knocked down the stairs
  • Francis stashes food
  • Physical comedy mayhem
  • Alfie’s pacemaker


  • Scene One – Charlie’s House
  • Alan getting pissed off
  • Thatcher joke
  • Scene Two – The Cricketers Arms
  • Francis and Dolly
  • Francis gets slapped
  • Scene Three – The Cricketers Arms
  • Word play
  • The diary
  • The identical twins joke
  • Scene Four – The Pier
  • Stanley and Rachel thinking the other is dead
  • Scene Five – Charlie’s House
  • Music