The Comedy About a Bank Robbery by Henry Lewis, Jonathan Sayer and Henry Shields (2016)

Nine actors, 35 characters.

One of the most wildly inventive plays I have ever read.  Hugely talented writers.  Expanding the limits of what’s possible on stage.

Act One

  • Scene One
  • Not clear why the WARDEN comes in when he does.
  • Constant puns.
  • Reversal: Guards busting out the prisoners.
  • Everyone told everyone about the robbery.
  • It keeps escalating. Completely over the top.
  • RAUL dies early.
  • Scene Two
  • Throwing papers.
  • Mistaken identities.
  • Hilarious wordplay on Robin Freeboys.
  • CAPRICE dialing for dollars.
  • SAM steals CAPRICE’s pocketbook then gives it back.
  • Scene Three
  • The escalating pecking order of police anger and moustache size.
  • SAM and CAPRICE love story.
  • Scene Four
  • Repeating joke of CAPRICE having many guys.
  • The Murphy bed.
  • Seagulls.
  • SAM making up stuff as he speaks watching CAPRICE.

Act Two

  • Scene One
  • The escalating police command chain again.
  • Scene Two
  • SAM dressed as FREEBOYS.
  • Radio “over” nonsense.
  • The abuse of WARREN is possibly the funniest thing ever written.
  • Scene Three
  • Singing the song as they break in.
  • Scene Four
  • Car chase.
  • Scene Five
  • And that’s it.