And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie (1943)

There’s not a whole lot of point to it, but well done.  Ripe for parody, particularly the doctor sedating everyone for their “health”.  A period piece as WW II raged on.

3 W, 8 M

Fred Narracott
Thomas Rogers
Ethel Rogers

Vera Elizabeth Claythorne, 25, Secretary
Captain Philip Lombard, 34
Anthony James Marston, 23, Playboy
William Henry Blore, Middle-Aged, Fat
General John Gordon MacKenzie, Old
Emily Caroline Brent, Spinster
Sir Lawrence John Wargrave, Judge
Dr. Edward Armstrong, 44

Not on stage:

Mrs. Owen
Mr. Owen

Johnny Brewer
Lily Logan

Badger Berkeley

Lady Constance Culmington