That Face by Polly Stenham (2007)

Good dramatic opposition.  Maybe some melodrama.  But a great night of theatre.

Scene One – 6 pp.  Boarding school.  Izzy and Mia torture Alice.
Scene Two – 14 pp.  Martha’s flat.  Martha, Henry, Mia.  Mia comes home from school.
Scene Three – 5 pp.  Hospital.  Izzy, Mia, Henry go to see Alice.
Scene Four – 6pp.  Martha’s flat.  Martha, Henry.  Martha tears up Henry’s clothes.
Scene Five – 6pp.  Hugh’s flat.  Henry, Issy, Mia.  After the party.
Scene Six – 7 pp.  Martha’s flat.  Martha and Henry.
Scene Seven – 6pp.  A restaurant.  Hugh and Mia.
Scene Eight – 16 pp.  Martha’s flat. Martha, Henry, Mia, Hugh.

London Assurance by Dion Boucicault and Richard Bean (1841)

Takes place over three days.

Sir Harcourt Courtly
Charles Courtly

Richard Dazzle

Max Harkaway
Grace Harkaway

Adolphus Spanker
Lady Gay Spanker

Mark Meddle

Solomon Isaacs

Cool (Sir Harcourt’s Valet)
Martin (Sir Harcourt’s Servant)
James (Harkaway’s servant)
Pert (Grace’s maid)

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