Blueberry Toast by Mary Laws (2018)

Total crap.  Far from somehow satirizing whitebread American suburbia, 70 minute plays like BLUEBERRY TOAST are in fact the thing itself – bland, derivative monoculture.  Pretty typical of Yale Drama School as well.  The best way to answer what this play is about: “It’s about how much money I spent on graduate school, and now I am supposed to write plays.”

Superior Donuts by Tracy Letts (2008)

Total crap packed with cliches, from the genius ghetto kid novelist who shops at Whole Foods and has a thing for health food (though still of course in debt to the mob), to the younger woman with a thing for an older skanky hippy guy, to the homeless woman who’s part of the family, to scrappy racist immigrants. An obvious attempt to write a broad comedy. Doesn’t go well.